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Digital Twins: Not your father's BMS OR SCADA System

In our first blog on digital twins, we said they are digital replicas of physical objects, systems, processes, and places. For example, a regional water/wastewater utility could be interested in having digital twins built of its pumps; its pumping stations; the process occurring in one of its water-treatment plants; and the sites where it has and/or is thinking of putting reservoirs. 

From water and wastewater systems to factories, many things that digital twins virtually replicate are controlled by supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Digital twins are also being used to provide virtual replicas of buildings, which are controlled by systems called building management systems (BMS) or building automation systems (BAS).

But while SCADA systems and BMS can providetrue

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The Evolution of SCADA and BMS Toward Digital Twins

Casne is writing a series of blogs about digital twins and their applications in the industries we serve. In this blog, we'll present a bit more about SCADA and BMS, as well as their histories. Stay tuned for the third one, in which we will write about how digital twins differ from and relate totrue

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