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Digital Twins: The Virtual Replicas Enhancing Real-World Operations

Digital Twins in the Movies 

In the 1997 disaster movie Volcano, when Tommy Lee Jones wants to find out why some Los Angeles Department of Public Works employees were scalded to death in a storm drain near MacArthur Park, he goes to the site with a batch of rolled-up drawings under his arm. Today, Jones wouldn’t have to visit the site or carry physical drawings. He’d be able to access drawings of Los Angeles’ storm sewer and steam pipe systems from any place he could get online. And, if he could access digital twins of the systems, he could simulate puncturing a steam pipe and, when the simulation showed that it wouldn’t release enough thermal energy to kill the workers, realize they must have been killed by something that could, such as an imminent volcanic eruption.That scenario maytrue

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High Speed Data Monitoring for Modern Industrial Challenges

Organizations in the industrial space deal with similar challenges when it comes to data, and those challenges become more prominent the longer they go unanswered. Industry 4.0 is moving forward at full speed, meaning that traditional manufacturing and industrial processes continue to be automatedtrue

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