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Predictive Analytics Keeps Your Business Moving

When Hurricane Laura set its sights on the Gulf Coast in August 2020, residents and businesses of the region braced for impact. Reports shared that the Category 2 storm would bring severe flooding. Often when the reports of severe weather are made public, it is too late to prepare. Luckily, wetrue

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Find the Right ESD: Weeding Through Your Options

In the last few blogs, we’ve discussed that Engineering Service Desks (ESDs) are critical for supporting your Operational Technology (OT) assets. When looking at your OT assets, consider your Data Historians, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), andtrue

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Move From Reactive to Predictive: Be the Hero of Your Critical Operations Business

Ten emails hit the engineering inbox. You sigh, “Here we go again...” Weeding through the emails and seeing that only one requires action, you think, “This can’t be the best use of my time.”

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