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Why Invest in an Engineering Service Desk (ESD)?

An Engineering Service Desk (ESD) stands as an integral element within any business operation. Serving as the frontline for addressing and resolving technical issues linked to Operational Technology (OT) systems, an ESD is essential. Without a proficient team capable of mitigating these issues, IT and technical glitches can spiral into significant financial losses. In fact, research indicates that IT downtime due to avoidable issues costs companies an average of $1.5 million annually. When applied to critical OT infrastructure, the costs associated with plant downtime could soar into millions per day!

In our last blog, we emphasized the importance of establishing an ESD specifically designed to offer OT support for critical operational assets. Operational technology, as defined bytrue

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Empowering Operational Technology: The Engineering Service Desk (ESD)

Our everyday comforts—such as reliable electricity, gas, and water supply—are often taken for granted. These critical services, which we rely on without a second thought, demand meticulous behind-the-scenes orchestration. This is where Operational Technology (OT) takes center stage, ensuring thesetrue

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