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Find the Right ESD: Weeding Through Your Options

In the last few blogs, we’ve discussed that Engineering Service Desks (ESDs) are critical for supporting your Operational Technology (OT) assets. When looking at your OT assets, consider your Data Historians, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and specialized OT/IT systems and applications. The criticality of these assets lends itself to a solid business case for outsourcing the ESD function to a trusted partner. With many options to choose from, don’t get lost in the weeds. Let’s review some ways you can evaluate these partners to see who will serve your needs best. Consider the following to ease your decision making in finding the ESD partner that is right for you.

Experts in Supporting Operational Technology

The first factor when choosingtrue

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Why Invest in an Engineering Service Desk (ESD)?

An engineering service desk (ESD) is an essential part of any business operation. An ESD functions as the first and primary point of contact within a company or organization to sort out and repair any technical issues associated with your OT systems. Without trained staff that can de-escalatetrue

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Keeping your OT Running 24x7x365 – The Engineering Service Desk

Most people don’t think about how electricity is generated and transported to them, or the logistics behind the gas supply to their home, or how water gets to their tap. We take for granted that these critical services are continuously available. There are very high expectations around these basictrue

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