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Find the Expert Fisherman, Eat for a Lifetime: Updated Industrial Control Systems Have Short-Term Return on Investments

Many have heard the famous Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish; he eats for a lifetime.” This sage wisdom gives insight that training someone how to do something is far better than doing it for them.

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More Than a Blood-Pressure Test: How’s Your Data Center’s Health?

When people think “Data Center,” they think, “Technology.” They may not consider that the data center facility itself is the operational technology that keeps the IT assets within running reliably and profitably. Let’s consider the data center’s operational technology as the life-support fortrue

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Improving Resilience In Water And Wastewater Utilities With Real-Time Data

This blog has been co-authored by Gary Wong, OSIsoft, Nick Wiley, Casne Engineering, and Dave Cox, FirmoGraphs. We'll appreciate your valuable feedback in the form of your comments. Enjoy the blog!

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Why Invest in an Engineering Service Desk (ESD)?

An engineering service desk (ESD) is an essential part of any business operation. An ESD functions as the first and primary point of contact within a company or organization to sort out and repair any technical issues associated with your OT systems. Without trained staff that can de-escalatetrue

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