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The Stress of Alarm Floods

Buzz...Buzz...Buzz...Buzz... Alex is jolted awake at 3 am from his phone incessantly sending alerts. “What the heck?” he grumbles. Blinking to attention, he sees over 100 alarm events entering his inbox at rapid-fire. They enter so rapidly that they come in batches, briefly pausing as the application tries to process the bombardment of new requests. Buried somewhere in this pile lies one event that needs attention. Overloaded with alerts, the application freezes, and any attempt to search the queue is futile. As Alex calls into the operator on duty, he grumbles, “This can’t happen anymore.”

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Predictive Alarm Management: The Philosophy Document

As you sit down at your desk each morning to open your email, you are immediately met with a barrage of alerts that went off since you left the previous day. Some have been responded to, some have been ignored or silenced, some you are not responsible for. Buried in these notices is a criticaltrue

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Predictive Alarm Management: Low Hanging Fruit and Pareto

Once an alarm philosophy document has been created and the benchmarking activity is done, we work with you to create an action plan specific to your needs. The first part of this plan is deciding what needs immediate attention. When determining where to start, there are two principles we willtrue

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Predictive Alarm Management: Benchmarking

"All Good to Great companies began the process of finding a path to greatness by confronting the brutal facts about the reality of their business. When you start with an honest and diligent effort to determine the truth of your situation, the right decisions often become self-evident.”
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