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Top 3 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Arc Flash Consultant

In our last post, we discussed the importance of facilities completing an Arc Flash Analysis every five years and after major electrical projects. Now that you are ready to select your partner in an Arc Flash Analysis, let’s discuss your options.

It is important to consider how the partner you choose will support the compliance process. Sometimes the wrong choice can result in unexpected labor and material costs. Knowing exactly what you are getting with the organization you choose is critical and asking the right questions to determine the best partner can help you fulfill your responsibilities in this process.

There are three important questions you should be asking: Who will be responsible for the field investigation and data collection? Who maintains control of the model? Who istrue

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The Stress of Alarm Floods

Buzz...Buzz...Buzz...Buzz... Alex is jolted awake at 3 am from his phone incessantly sending alerts. “What the heck?” he grumbles. Blinking to attention, he sees over 100 alarm events entering his inbox at rapid-fire. They enter so rapidly that they come in batches, briefly pausing as thetrue

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Predictive Alarm Management: The Philosophy Document

As you sit down at your desk each morning to open your email, you are immediately met with a barrage of alerts that went off since you left the previous day. Some have been responded to, some have been ignored or silenced, some you are not responsible for. Buried in these notices is a criticaltrue

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Predictive Alarm Management: Low Hanging Fruit and Pareto

Once an alarm philosophy document has been created and the benchmarking activity is done, we work with you to create an action plan specific to your needs. The first part of this plan is deciding what needs immediate attention. When determining where to start, there are two principles we willtrue

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