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Keeping your OT Running 24x7x365 – The Engineering Service Desk

Most people don’t think about how electricity is generated and transported to them, or the logistics behind the gas supply to their home, or how water gets to their tap. We take for granted that these critical services are continuously available. There are very high expectations around these basic services, and with customers being assertive and empowered, utilities face an ever-increasing challenge in guaranteeing availability and quality. This would be an impossible task without Operational Technology (OT). 

Digital transformation is in full swing. Casne makes it possible to keep the OT infrastructure working that keeps gas, electricity, and water running, using data captured from sensors and stored in a real-time data infrastructure.

Utilities infrastructure must run 24x7x365.true

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Why You are Wasting Millions on Data Center Power Costs

Your biggest expense is power. Do you know where your power is going? Knowing details about your energy allocation can help you understand the overall health and efficiency of your data center.

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