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Why Invest in an Engineering Service Desk (ESD)?

An Engineering Service Desk (ESD) stands as an integral element within any business operation. Serving as the frontline for addressing and resolving technical issues linked to Operational Technology (OT) systems, an ESD is essential. Without a proficient team capable of mitigating these issues, IT and technical glitches can spiral into significant financial losses. In fact, research indicates that IT downtime due to avoidable issues costs companies an average of $1.5 million annually. When applied to critical OT infrastructure, the costs associated with plant downtime could soar into millions per day!

In our last blog, we emphasized the importance of establishing an ESD specifically designed to offer OT support for critical operational assets. Operational technology, as defined by Gartner, encompasses hardware and software directly monitoring or controlling physical devices, processes, and events within an enterprise.

Competitive Edge through Investment 

In today's fiercely competitive global economy, investing in a proficient and well-equipped ESD can provide businesses and organizations with a substantial edge over their competitors. A well-run ESD guarantees round-the-clock availability and consistent quality in the products and services offered.

While some view an engineering service desk as a mere business expense, whether through outsourcing or internal hiring, the investment in an ESD can yield several tangible benefits, such as cost reduction, enhanced profit margins, increased employee satisfaction, and maximizing the ROI on OT investments.

Efficiency Amplification

A qualified ESD significantly boosts the efficiency of business-critical operations. With round-the-clock technical support, operational efficiency skyrockets. Unlike basic IT issues that might be resolved by IT staff, OT glitches often require specialized expertise, incurring significant costs. However, an adept ESD with industry-specific training possesses the resources and skills to address a wide array of system errors, effectively reducing risks and unexpected expenses associated with OT failures.


Force Multiplier and Optimal ROI

Furthermore, an ESD serves as a "force multiplier" for the entire workforce. Instead of losing valuable time to IT or technical issues, employees can allocate their time more productively to essential organizational tasks. Studies reveal that professionals waste around 22 minutes daily resolving basic IT issues, translating to 91 hours of lost productivity annually per full-time worker.

In today's digital economy, businesses continually seek technological investments to streamline operations. However, it's crucial to maximize the potential of existing technology investments. Often, companies barely scratch the surface of the capabilities of their technology investments, using only about 25 percent of the functionalities despite paying full license fees. This untapped potential directly translates to missed ROI opportunities.

Optimizing ESD Investment: Partnering Options

When considering an ESD investment, there are various options: developing and staffing internally, externally, or through a hybrid model. To maximize ROI, outsourcing can be an optimal choice. This approach ensures efficient operations without the continuous expense of maintaining an in-house team. Partnering with a reliable external staffing partner offers flexibility and peace of mind, especially considering the high demand for experienced OT personnel.

In our subsequent blog, we'll delve deeper into the advantages of outsourcing ESD services.

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