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What to Expect: Arc Flash Analysis in an Existing Facility

Unless it's a check for a million dollars, few people like surprises. If you are planning for your first Arc Flash Analysis or preparing to switch to a new consultant to perform the next one, it's crucial to know what to expect. 

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Stop the Nuisance Alarms

The door opens, temperature increases, an alarm goes off, the alarm is suppressed. During an all-hands meeting with a full crowd in the break room, the temperature increases, an alarm goes off; the alarm is suppressed.

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Top 3 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Arc Flash Consultant

In our last post, we discussed the importance of facilities completing an Arc Flash Analysis every five years and after major electrical projects. Now that you are ready to select your partner in an Arc Flash Analysis, let’s discuss your options.

It is important to consider how the partner youtrue

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The Stress of Alarm Floods

Buzz...Buzz...Buzz...Buzz... Alex is jolted awake at 3 am from his phone incessantly sending alerts. “What the heck?” he grumbles. Blinking to attention, he sees over 100 alarm events entering his inbox at rapid-fire. They enter so rapidly that they come in batches, briefly pausing as thetrue

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